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A unique way to evolve your travel experience. Stay with us to know more. 

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Thank you dear and thank you to your incredible and expert team. Your help was crucial to save a life. You service was fast and precise, your expert was perfectly committed and prepared to face the very hard situation of my friend. You were incredible. Suggest to everyone to ask for your services. Highly recommended.
Danilo, 24, Italy
It was a good experience and a much needed one. I had been feeling low from past 3 days but after taking the counselling, my days were more productive.
Abhishek, 21, Bangalore


What is Dadpreneur?

Dadpreneur is a one stop family platform. 

What is face?

F.ace is a lifestyle improvement platform. 

What is feelam?

F.eelam is the entertainment unit of KTPL, designed to make entertainment more family oriented. 

What is fkitchen?

F.kitchen is a unique new platform to sell your home made food.

Where is this startup based from?

Dadpreneur( KTPL ) is based in New Delhi, India with head office in Model Town. 

How was it started?

It was started in 2016 by Kingshuk Jain to improve the family system. 


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